Minute Car Wash is dedicated to helping organizations meet fundraising goals for their communities. We do this with a program called Helping Hands.

Your organization simply sells Minute Car Wash exterior or full-service car wash tickets and keeps 50% of the funds you raise.

The success of this program is a result of the fact that you are giving your contributors something of value… a great car wash!

Your Organization Benefits By:

  • Keeping 50% of the money that you collect.
  • Having the option to sell two different car washes two different ways.
  • Raising money quickly.
  • Joining forces with an established business.
  • Helping the environment.
  • Relinquishing all the expensive and time-consuming paperwork, to Minute Car Wash.
  • Providing car wash tickets that can be used by everyone.


Requests for donations should be mailed or faxed directly to the corporate office donation address listed below. Requests should be submitted on letterhead, list the name of the event, the date of the event, and also list where the donation should be mailed.

NOTE: Donations cannot be made at the store level, they must be processed by the corporate office. Please allow 30 days for processing and mailing. All donations will be mailed via US mail.

Minute Car Wash Fundraising
c/o Donations
160 S Robinson Ave
Newburgh, NY 12550